Saturday, December 1, 2012

Following the article's commentary from afar

Very interesting commentary below my article on First Things. Lots of differing points of view, some critical, all interesting in some way. But Sondra's and Mary's struck me the most:

Mary writes:

I am so grateful for this article. What a difference from what the Holy Father actually said and what the media reported. They indeed make him sound like a dried up old kill-joy. Reminds me of how I felt when subjected to the teaching of modernist theologians and the clergy that followed them. They took delight in telling us there was no Noah, Ark ect. Holy water and the sacraments are not "magic."and so forth. How very sad and not at all edifying! Just the words "Infancy Narratives" can scare me from the past bad experiences with the phrase. Still, I have become quite accustomed to the fact that the secular media distorts most news about religion and particularly Catholicism in the most distressing ways. They never let Benedict speak his own words. Thank you for the truth. I am going to get the book.

Sondra Shinn writes:

Thank God for this site! When I first read what the Pope was suppose to have wrote, my heart sank!

I decided to find out what our Pope actually wrote...then I found this article! It explains in detail .......THE TRUTH!

Thank you so much!


Sondra Shinn

Humbling! They remind me why I write about the Pope in the first place.