Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scuzziest Pro-Abortion Video Ever Brings the Exploitive Nature of Abortion into Sharp Relief

Kudos, Center for Reproductive Rights, for speaking with great clarity your message: Abortion is really about becoming that piece of sexual meat for scuzzy user-men and we've been punked as a nation for 40 years until now. Who knew?

A generation of men and women (at least a substantial portion of them) bought into the rhetoric that abortion was all about family planning, all about women's health, about women being masters over their own bodily domains (even that part of women that is meant to be the temporary home for another), that it was some epic power-struggle for women's liberation from the yoke of their oppressors, men who dared to attempt to pass laws ruling on what women can do with their own bodies.

[Cue the laughter from 1:00 in the video below.] You sure fooled them! Abortion is not about that at all! It's just about being oppressed by the smooth-talking, sharped-dressed, Grand Marnier-sipping men of fantasy worlds. It's about being the playthings for lust-driven pleasure gluttons desiring consequence-free, commitment-free sex who are willing to kill the innocent creature living inside that temporary home to obtain it. It's all about being dominated by that type of man, and that's "sexy" to you, Center for Reproductive Rights.

Have a look ...

Too tragic to be comical, too repulsive for laughter. Perhaps others react differently.

For 40 years, men have been hushed and told they are not allowed to speak against abortion because, well, they are not women. Mr. Brooks is the kind of male voice that the ladies at the Center for Reproductive Rights want to hear more of. "More of this in the dialogue, please," they seem to be saying. We've all heard some man say, as though he were a new breed of particularly enlightened intellectual, "I just don't feel I can tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body." Passé. Perhaps henceforth such an enlightened one should wink at his nearest lady-friend, channel his inner Mehcad, and add, "Mmmm... mmm... mmm... mmm... mmm... mmm... mmm.... mmm."

For those who don't believe the joke is on America--a grizzly, bloody, demonic joke--listen to that laugh again starting at 1:00. "Happy anniversary, baby. Looking good for 40." To which baby is he referring? Someone is gloating, and it is not the Center for Reproductive Rights. This kind of irony is not of a human sort.

Of course, Mr. Brooks is a really existing man. Not to be understated though, the man whom he portrays above is all too real! Granted, in the real world, the men whom he represents may not be able to do the same kinds of things with their eyebrows, perhaps they do not smell as good either, but like him there is a world full of abusers who exercise their reign of dominance over women through abortion. For those living the empty life, eros is the only valid or desired form of love. Thus, killing his baby increases his dominion by defying the law of nature which would bind him through accountability to a love which he knows not. The irony is that if Mr. Brooks begins to feel the need to settle down and raise up a family, and if he were to find and wed Mrs. Right and the two conceive a child, he may discover that who he thought was Mrs. Right is actually Mrs. Left, for whom he's championed the right to kill his baby. At that point, he becomes no longer the dominator but the dominated, and his weapon, abortion, is turned upon him (any wonder why men flee commitment?). In any case, abortion is the ultimate war between the sexes, all the civilian casualties are children, and death holds the dominion. The author of abortion is none other than the Ancient Serpent, that foul beast and liar from the beginning, Satan himself, the first fruits of whose deceptive treachery are envy and murder, whose favorite means of deceiving and enslaving us is through our own pleasure.

Men and women of good will would do well to remember the grief of our first parents who were deceived by the Serpent. Their first-born son killed his younger brother. Even more eloquently than this video speaks of the evil of abortion, did the blood of Abel speak eloquently to God its prayer as it cried out from the earth for justice (Gen. 4:10). And the blood of our own children cries out this day and every day we continue to spill it.

People of good will, do not be fooled any longer. When Christ comes in glory, he will raise from their tombs the bodies of all the children we have slain. How then will we stand before him if we remain silent? Let's put an end to abortion in this land.