Some Facts About Teeth Whitening You Probably Didnt Know

Teeth whitening has grown in popularity in recent years. This probably has something to do with all the pictures surrounding us of celebrities flashing their pearly whites. Comparing yourself to those photographs is not fair because they have a lot of money to throw around on special procedures. Also, keep in mind that those magazines have been known to airbrush to the point of unrealistic. Still, if you are looking to make your teeth a little brighter, you do have some options.

There are a few options for those interested in teeth whitening. If you are interested in taking the holistic approach, here are some ideas you can try. Strawberries contain enzymes that can remove some of the discolorations from your teeth. Simply mash some up and spread over your teeth. There is also the choice of rubbing your choppers with the inside of an orange peel. Brushing with a mixture of baking soda and fluoride is another popular method you can buy toothpaste with those two ingredients if you want to go that route. Keep reading

About Teeth Whitening

If the home remedies do not work for you, you also have the commercial option available. There are whitening kits that come with a tray and gel you wear every day for a couple of weeks. There also various toothpastes and mouth washes made to improve the color of your teeth. I will tell you ahead of time that some of these choices taste down right awful. They are also full of chemicals and too much of them can cause irritation to your gums.

If none of the ideas listed above help reverse the stains, you can also try professional whitening. This method if the most effective method, but it is also the most expensive at 600 to 1000 a pop and most people will need more than one visit. The dentist uses a laser or blue light to whiten your teeth. The great thing about this option is that the results are immediate.

If you are looking to achieve one of those celebrity smiles, one of these ideas could work for you. Keep in mind though that teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure. Just because your mouth does not need to be full of bleached canines does not mean they have not be taken care of. There is a wide range of colors for healthy teeth. Be sure to investigate any side effects or health risks prior to starting any treatment. Happy whitening.

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A Few Quick Teeth Whitening Reviews

Improving the appearance of your teeth can be a simple process if you take advantage of the teeth whitening reviews available. Reading these evaluations by actual users can save you time and money by letting you know ahead of time which products will not work. With a little research, you can find the best kit for you and be quickly on your way to a brighter smile. Today we will be looking at only two of the many kits available for at-home teeth whitening. By addressing both the positive and negative aspects of each product, hopefully, I can help you make an informed decision.

Teeth Whitening Reviews

The first product I want to discuss is the  “Alta White Teeth Whitening System.” It is a bleaching try system. The average price is about $10. Overall, in the consumer teeth whitening reviews, this kit was considered effective and affordable with a limited chance of side effects. This product is easy to use and you could see positive results in just a few days. Some problems that were found include the gel not staying on teeth and a slight soreness in gums. There is a reported issue that the company changed to formula and the new product was very unsatisfying; the manufactures reverted back to the old version, but there may still be some of the discontinued merchandise on the shelves in stores. Keep reading

The other product I will be discussing is “Teeth Whitening labs” It is also a tray whitening system. It contains 22% carbamide peroxide. It costs an average of $35. It has been given great scores for effectiveness and affordability. You can see dramatic results in about 10 days with this easy to use the product. People with sensitive teeth can use it without worry because the side effects you experience are slight if any. It is readily available in multiple stores. This product is also backed by many dentists for its effectiveness. You can form the trays yourself to ensure a perfect fit. The included gel does not get messy but stays where you put it. You may experience some sensitivity, but this not a common issue.

I hope these teeth whitening reviews help you somewhat you in your decision. Both of the products above are effective and affordable on almost any budget. If you are concerned about sensitivity or gum irritation, there are multiple natural solutions you can try to brighten your smile.

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