healthy teeth in children
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Eight tips for healthy teeth in children

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Without a doubt, the health of children is one of the highest priorities of parents. In this sense, the visit to the pediatric dentist to follow and care for the correct development of a child’s teeth is very important. Although it may not seem like it, early dental care can prevent future problems such as biting problems or misaligned eruptions of the teeth, which cause muscle, aesthetic, speaking, or eating problems. 

In addition, having the teeth properly aligned will help maintain proper oral hygiene, and prevent the onset of tooth decay. Therefore, so that future generations can smile without worries about the future

healthy teeth in children

It is important to inculcate them from childhood that having a mouth in conditions is very important for their health. If they adopt daily hygienic and daily care habits, we will be able to maintain them throughout their lives. Keep reading

We remember then eight tips to keep in mind so that children have healthy teeth:

Brushing teeth when getting up, after eating and before going to bed

Sometimes children skip brushing at night because they are very sleepy, but it is the most important, as the bacteria that lodge in the mouth act especially for the night. It is essential that they go to bed with clean teeth. It is good habit and it helps you to maintain healthy teeth

Avoid foods with excess sugars

Like sweets, ice cream, candies, sugary sodas, packaged juices, etc … In addition to being associated with childhood obesity, the sugar present in these foods deteriorates the enamel, eroding it and favoring the appearance of caries. It is important to avoid or reduce their consumption to special occasions and to teach them to always brush their teeth after consuming these foods.

Eating sweets between meals

In the case of eating sweets between meals, brush your teeth immediately afterward to avoid the risk of cavities

Regular visits to the dentist

Revisions should be every six months to check the position of the teeth, the fall of the milk teeth and the eruption of the final teeth. Also to check for cavities or apply sealants to minimize their appearance. After the summer it is an ideal time to do it. This is important for healthy teeth.

Help them with brushing

Many times we trust in their good work and then we get unpleasant surprises. From 7 or 8 years old children are able to brush their teeth properly, cleaning all their faces, meanwhile, we will have to help them to reach where they do not reach, especially teeth and internal faces of the teeth. It is good for healthy teeth of your child.

Use toothpaste and mouthwash specific for children

Why is it important not to use the products of the elderly? Because for small children come specific doses of fluoride appropriate to their age, which does not harm their health.

Drinking water to avoid dry mouth

Saliva helps us clean our teeth, and that is why it is important to drink water to increase the production of saliva.

A healthy diet

It is the ideal ally of a healthy mouth. Not only avoid sugary foods but consume foods that strengthen the teeth, mainly dairy, vegetables, and fruits.

These tips will help you to maintain healthy teeth in 2018. You may also like What are cavities and how can I prevent them?