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Are you looking for a perfect smile? A toothpaste made with charcoal

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A beautiful perfect smile can be achieved easily and without spending a lot with charcoal toothpaste. Some people are following the trend of brushing their teeth with charcoal paste, and there are good reasons to do so. Dentists have weighed in using black toothpaste, but some people are still leery about putting charcoal in their mouths. It’s hard to believe that brushing your teeth with a black toothpaste will make your teeth look whiter. Therefore, some people have decided to continue using the regular toothpaste with which they have been satisfied for years.

Benefits of carbon toothpaste

People who use charcoal Toothpaste have at least three reasons to do so. They say they use it because it really works. First, clean your teeth to your satisfaction. Second, whiten them. Third, it eliminates bad breath. With all these benefits, why do some people remain skeptical? Coal can whiten teeth because it is very porous. It will bind to toxins and eliminate stains caused by some foods and beverages. Those who use the product say it is less expensive than other teeth whiteners. Without a doubt, it is a more profitable solution than having a dentist to whiten teeth during several visits.

perfect smile

This paste is very effective, but should not be used regularly

Experts say that carbon toothpaste is safe to use, but you should not brush your teeth regularly. There is nothing wrong with using it infrequently.

If used regularly, the abrasive ingredient can abrade the enamel of the teeth. That can cause your teeth to become sensitive and the risk of tooth decay. In addition, toothpaste does not contain fluoride.

For these reasons, some dentists do not recommend brushing with activated carbon toothpaste for long periods of time. New York dentist, Dr. Trey Wilson, explains that, if your primary concern is whiter teeth, you can use charcoal toothpaste because many studies have indicated that it whitens teeth. Even so, he advises people to be careful because their teeth can become sensitive. Read moreĀ

Before you start using anything you should do tests

Coal toothpaste may not be for everyone. Some people think it is too complicated for them to bother. If you want to start using it, do it first as a test. It would be safer to brush your teeth with this paste no more than once a week and not for long periods. The toothpaste is safe to use, but there are some small side effects and drawbacks. If you try and experience bleeding in the gums or any unusual symptoms, discontinue use and consult your dentist to immediately.

Benefits of activated charcoal

In natural medicine, many times old knowledge about ancestral remedies is recovered. Such is the case of the use of activated charcoal or carbotecnia , which is used to cleanse and detoxify the body. Today in OtraMedicina we tell you about the benefits of activated charcoal.

perfect smile

What is it and how is it used?

Activated carbon is a substance of plant origin that has the property of absorbing chemicals, gases, heavy metals, proteins, waste, and toxins, is a great ally for detoxification.

Activated charcoal can be used in capsules or powders in the form of therapeutic poultices. The recommended dose is 1 tablespoon of powdered activated carbon in 1 glass of water, or 4 capsules in the middle of the morning and mid-afternoon. The poultices topics should be prescribed by a doctor who works with Carbotecnia.

Uses of activated charcoal

First aid

Thanks to its great absorption power activated charcoal is very used for emergencies in cases of ingestion of poisonous substances or in case of drug overdose. The carbon will absorb the toxicity of the patient’s stomach and intestine up to 60 grams of the substance.


Activated carbon helps in detoxification processes. It is used as one of the ingredients in colon cleansing therapies and in products to detoxify.

Stomach relief

For swelling, gas, and diarrhea, carbotecnia is very useful, since it relieves the stomach by removing excess gas from the digestive tract. In addition to assisting intestinal activity.

Rejuvenating properties

Activated carbon is also used to counteract the effects of the passage of time in the body, as it assists in the processes of liver, kidneys and adrenal glands avoiding excessive cell aging.

Cholesterol reduction

Activated charcoal reduces blood cholesterol, lipids, and triglycerides levels.

Combat viruses and bacteria

The carbotecnia has the ability to prevent viruses and bacteria that have entered the body remain active and spread throughout the body.

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